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Fuck em all, Watch em fall screaming

“how splendidly i carve into your tender heart
shuddering between the sheets
whisper your name as you awaken your throat gasps, your skin recoils
we shall be intertwined, entangled in our love”

“The Internet” is basically an elite cabal made up of primarily pedophiles and homosexuals who.like to sexually harass children until their skin recoils. Heck, they’ll exploit weak, innocent children to push their “agenda.” and expend their search-site. Think of it as a “presage of the mindless”, when one falls, the other ones follow and get ran through. Look at it this way, Pedophiles are children trapped in adult bodies. At certain times, playing dirty is necessary, but dirt disrupts the moving parts of our business. Psh, like I care. I do this for no charge with my colleague, @BlazeResearchLet’s begin, shall we, Ladies and Gents?

Chris Bridger likes to sexually harrass children until their skin recoils. Chris Bridger is a 24 year old man looking to develop sexual relationships with 10-13 year olds. Chris Bridger attented Llantwit Major Comprehensive School and he currently lives in the Vale (Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom)

Chris Bridgers’ email is ruddegga@msn.com, which points to a “Chris Bridger.” – We managed to pull some pictures of the dweeb:


Chris Bridgers is a photographer. Look at the second picture. Narrowing down a list of who has bought that type of phone in the last three years under the name, “Chris Bridger”, equals mass mayhem for our sick pervert but that’s completely unnecessary as we’ve already pulled an Address.

What we have so far:

Phone Number – Check
Email – Check
Chat Logs – Check
Education History – Check
Pictures – Check
Facebook – Check

Who is Chris Bridger? Chris Bridger is the type of man who likes to exploit little children. Chris Bridger is the type of man who will do anything to get a dime out of a little kid. What a poor bastard, huh? Don’t stress on it, he’ll be charged, hopefully.

Do you want to know the upside to social networks? Friends. Add them to your list of recipients and directly message them about what the suspect is tied to. The odds are in your favor, people.

Chat logs will be all the way at the bottom.

Crawling his friend-list:

    Aimee Bond
Works at British Gas
Alan James Matthews
Swansea Metropolitan University
Alex Barker
Llantwit Major School
Alister Peters
Residential Technician at Virgin Media
Alysha Davies
Administrator at Let Right Properties
Amanda Cocopop Jane
Amiee Louiize
Retail at CCP training
Amy Hill
Cheltenham Bournside School
Amy Perry
Afan College
Amy-jayne Carr
St Cyres Comprehensive School
Andrew Sweet
Andy Bridger
Andy Maker
Technician at Permoveo Euro Specialists (BMW Mercedes Jaguar Cardiff)
Anisha Ikram
Works at Waitress
Anna Martin
Works at Great Western hospital
April Gardner-ponting
Llantwit major comp
Ashley Rose
B Buttons Walker
Barry District Boot Sale
Barry Comprehensive School
Becki Lock ✰
Llantwit Major School
Ben Dean
Llantwit Major Comprehensive
Bethan Cain
Bridgend College
Bethan Crofts
Llantwit Major School
Beverly Gardner-ponting
Llantwit Major
Biggsy Boss
Buttons Walker
Calvin Ko
Carl Martin
Llantwit Major School
Carly Gates
Carly Hutchinson
Casper Davies
Ceri Fitzpatrick
Charmaine Butt
Senior Sales Associate at Jackpete Pty Ltd – Optus World & ‘yes’ Optus Stores
Charmaine Gardner-ponting
Chelsea Bingham
Works at XL Insurance
Chelsea Long
Cheryl Powell
Llantwit Major
Chris Coles
Works for BluesTV at Birmingham City FC
Chris Lewis
Christopher Everall
Llantwit Major School
Cj Walker
Works at Patties settlement
Dale Herring
Darrel J Little
Darren Gwillim
Dave Davies
Works at Weyland – Yutani Corporation
Dave Jones
David Lewis
Llantwit Major School
David M Bulley
Demi Cee
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Dominique Hagon O Dare
Dominique Phillips
Ella Stones
Emily Denham
University of Bristol
Gavin Seamer

    Simon Lee Thistlewood
Barry District Boot Sale
Rachel Fitzpatrick
Paul Lucas
Christopher Everall
Richard Anthony Colbourne

    Sian Aphy Stockdale
Natalie Hall
Darrel J Little
B Buttons Walker
Alister Peters
Dave Davies

    Mindy Perley-Martin
Llantwitmajorbootsale Llantwit
Matthew Samways
Gethin Biggie George
Liam Hughes
Alex Barker

    Andy Maker
Sian Elizabeth Connor
Megan Bunce
Helen Murray
Llantwit Major School
Phill Donovan
Dominique Phillips

    Anna Martin
Patrick Burke
Cheryl Powell
William Jones
Alan James Matthews
Becki Lock ✰
Llantwit Major School

    Phill Donovan
Sean Hughes
Hannah Elizabeth Bierwirtz
Morgan Llewelyn Owen
Bryntirion Comprehensive School
Carl Martin
Chris Lewis

    Kelly Louise Hembrow
Cynffig Comprehensive School
Zoë Lazell
Liam Thomas
Buttons Walker
Ben Dean
Laura Rachael Bunce
Bangor University

    Bethan Crofts
Rob Tibbsy Steele
Ceri Fitzpatrick
Huw Goodman
Hollie Wieprecht
Carly Gates

    Mike Deere
Nick Sanders
Ross McCollin
Amy Perry
April Gardner-ponting
Carly Hutchinson

    Hannah Thain
Uni. Glamorgan
Katie Mansell
David Lewis
Jon Cameron Anderson
Swansea UK
Luke Bance
Ian Mackay

    Gemma-Louise Stokes
George Storm-Gregory
Gethin Biggie George
Amelia trust farm
Hannah Elizabeth Bierwirtz
Llantwit Major School
Hannah Thain
Customer Assistant at Tesco
Helen Murray
Llantwit Major School
Hollie Wieprecht
Huw Goodman
Pencoed, Bridgend

(6:03:17 PM) Chris: hey, 13 ya said yea?
(6:03:24 PM) The: Yep 🙂
(6:03:26 PM) The: How are youu?
(6:03:42 PM) Chris: im alot older. and horny. does it bother you? lol
(6:04:14 PM) The: No 🙂
(6:04:19 PM) The: What do you got?
(6:04:29 PM) Chris: what ya mean? :O
(6:04:55 PM) The: You know what I mean hehe
(6:05:24 PM) Chris: well in my hand at the minute i got my rock hard ock. lol, mind if i ask a few questions, build a bit of a mental picture?
(6:05:49 PM) The: Nope 🙂 Go right ahead sweety
(6:05:55 PM) Chris: height?
(6:06:33 PM) The: 5’2. I’m not really tall hehe.
(6:06:35 PM) The: How about you?
(6:07:00 PM) Chris: 5’9 here, short myself 😛 cheeky one, weight?
(6:07:32 PM) The: 78 ponds. somewhere around there.
(6:07:35 PM) The: How about you babe?
(6:08:15 PM) Chris: no idea. lol, 10 stone? dunno in pounds. but slim :O. your best and worst features?
(6:08:35 PM) The: Face and body I suppose. I’ll let you decide in the future, eh?
(6:08:37 PM) The: How about you.
(6:09:38 PM) Chris: no idea, im only good at asking these questions, not answering them 😛 lol, my worst is deffo my chest hair though. hair and eye color?
(6:10:26 PM) The: Brown hair and blue eyes.
(6:10:27 PM) The: you?
(6:11:00 PM) Chris: blue/green eyes, brown hair. bra and feet size? 😛
(6:11:28 PM) The: Bra, you’ll find out later and feet size….uh want me to check? lol
(6:11:45 PM) Chris: aye go on 😛
(6:12:07 PM) The: ? sec lol?
(6:12:24 PM) Chris: if ya go online i can send a pic or 2
(6:12:39 PM) The: 8 1/2.
(6:12:42 PM) The: Setup tinychat.
(6:12:43 PM) The: If you like.
(6:12:52 PM) Chris: tinychat? lol
(6:12:57 PM) The: Tinychat.com
(6:12:59 PM) The: lol.
(6:13:33 PM) Chris: ah, havnt got a cam babe 😦 only a mic
(6:13:42 PM) The: Dammit haha.
(6:16:23 PM) The: You don’t have to. Go to tinypic.com
(6:16:25 PM) The: Upload your pic
(6:16:27 PM) The: and send it to me lol.
(6:16:55 PM) The: Dammit.
(6:17:30 PM) Chris: http://tinypic.com/r/24nr6mh/6
(6:17:53 PM) The: Mhmm
(6:17:55 PM) The: How old you be?
(6:18:06 PM) Chris: 24, 1 min, few more
(6:18:16 PM) The: Okey Dokie.
(6:20:00 PM) The: This is me a couple months ago.
(6:20:01 PM) The: http://i49.tinypic.com/f2naqc.jpg
(6:20:05 PM) The: Cam plays with my physical features.
(6:20:08 PM) The: Sorry about that lol 🙂
(6:20:30 PM) Chris: http://tinypic.com/r/20rynk/6
(6:20:45 PM) Chris: cute 😉
(6:21:03 PM) The: mhm
(6:21:04 PM) The: I’d eat you.
(6:21:06 PM) The: hehe.
(6:30:10 PM) The: Hello?
(6:30:20 PM) Chris: hey
(6:30:26 PM) The: What happened lol?
(6:30:38 PM) Chris: my net died :O did you get the last 2 pics?
(6:31:12 PM) The: Yes 🙂
(6:31:14 PM) The: Hot.
(6:31:41 PM) Chris: would you swallow it all hard hun? 😉
(6:32:47 PM) The: Maybe, if you let me hehe.
(6:33:18 PM) Chris: id love to feel your tight pussy slide over my hard shaft
(6:34:20 PM) The: Oh would ya?
(6:34:22 PM) The: 🙂
(6:34:26 PM) The: I’m too small
(6:34:30 PM) The: I don’t thino you can handle me
(6:35:05 PM) Chris: od pick you up, and smash you into a wall while i pounded away deep into you. spraying my warm cum deep inside you
(6:35:36 PM) The: Mhm. You’re making me….imagine.
(6:35:38 PM) The: 🙂
(6:35:52 PM) Chris: you a virgin hun?
(6:36:27 PM) The: Yes…
(6:36:29 PM) The: is that bad?
(6:36:37 PM) Chris: no 😉
(6:36:53 PM) The: What else would you do to me 🙂
(6:37:04 PM) The: I’d just carry on and take it I guess..
(6:37:11 PM) Chris: would you cuck my cock untill my cum sprayed in your mouth, and i made you swallow it? 😉
(6:37:17 PM) Chris: *suck
(6:37:38 PM) The: Hmm. Maybe, possibly, we’ll see. What else would we do?
(6:37:39 PM) The: nonsexual
(6:37:43 PM) The: or are you a sexual person lol.
(6:38:11 PM) Chris: well, at the moment, i have a very, VERY hard cock in my hand, and im trying wuite hard to get it soft again 😛 lol
(6:38:35 PM) The: Are you now? I don’t think you can handle me though.
(6:38:39 PM) The: I’m too small.
(6:38:42 PM) The: Too tight.
(6:38:45 PM) The: It’d be hard for you.
(6:39:04 PM) Chris: do you masturbate hun?
(6:39:17 PM) The: Only if you want me to, chrissy-boo 🙂
(6:39:36 PM) Chris: describe to me how you would 😉
(6:40:03 PM) The: Why would I do it when I got you?
(6:40:54 PM) Chris: well, tell me what youd do to me then hun 😉 ill do the same after 😛 lol, bit busy here at the mo if ya get
(6:40:57 PM) Chris: me 😛
(6:41:12 PM) The: I’d choke on your stub, maybe.
(6:41:15 PM) The: Tell me what you’d do to me.
(6:42:33 PM) Chris: id pin you down face fist on a bed, and spread your legs wide with my feet, then slam deep inside you with my rock solid cock, making you dribble cum all over me, id keep pounding, faster and faster untill you were screaming out beneath me
(6:43:07 PM) The: Hehe. You like small girls with weak bodies like me, right? Tell me more.
(6:43:33 PM) Chris: your tun first, im trying to “endulge” aswell 😛 lol
(6:44:09 PM) The: I can’t do much babe.
(6:44:10 PM) The: Skeleton body.
(6:44:13 PM) The: It’s on you 🙂
(6:44:37 PM) Chris: well thats boring :/
(6:44:57 PM) The: I’ll make it interesting. IRL.
(6:45:06 PM) The: Do you have a cell? I’ll text you, I got to go.
(6:45:14 PM) The: I’ll send you some staggering pics.
(6:45:16 PM) Chris: and where you from?
(6:45:47 PM) Chris: im from the uk
(6:45:48 PM) The: Vale of Glamorgan.
(6:45:51 PM) The: Okay.
(6:45:56 PM) The: What’s your # ?
(6:46:04 PM) The: I’ll text you in like 10


Email: weird_name@live.com

22 years
Looking for:
Some Cyber Lovin

Suspect has lived in:

Matlock, Derbyshire
Chelmsford, Essex
Warrington, between Liverpool and Manchester



Jo Mansfield
David Smith
Rob Jar

Paul Charlie is the suspects IRL name. A simple lookup will reveal that weird_name@live.com belongs to a Paul Charlie who is connected to none other than Abbi Dawson and Kyle Edwards.

“Paul started using Facebook for Android.” –

Subscribed to “Vicky Ellen Hooper”, who went to St Peter’s High School and graduated in 2006.

Vicky Ellen Hooper was born on April 18, 1988. The suspect was born around that time too. How do we know that they’ve met somewhere along the road? Simple. We don’t. The suspect followed her, and it’s negotiable to say he’s around her age and they both graduated from St Peter’s High School in 2006. Vicky Ellen Hooper can be found on Facebook, or at AllenGray Kitchens.

Vicky Ellen Hooper http://www.facebook.com/RS500COSWORTHViks

Now comes the juicy part. Chat logs? I think so! Grab a cup of coffee.

(7:06:25 PM) The: Hey:)
(7:06:32 PM) weird_name@live.com: yo
(7:06:38 PM) The: how old are u?
(7:06:44 PM) weird_name@live.com: boreedd
(7:06:46 PM) weird_name@live.com: you?
(7:07:17 PM) The: bored, just working on a summer project 🙂 how old are u??
(7:07:28 PM) weird_name@live.com: 22/m/aus
(7:07:52 PM) The: ohh I’m 13/m/us if u dont mind :\
(7:08:06 PM) weird_name@live.com: haha i don’t mind!
(7:08:41 PM) weird_name@live.com: do you like my dp? 😛
(7:09:11 PM) The: im just trying to meet some new ppl 🙂 parents keep bugging me about the computer but i don’t care..
(7:09:18 PM) The: i hope this isnt awkward for u 😀
(7:09:31 PM) weird_name@live.com: how would it be awkward?
(7:10:19 PM) weird_name@live.com: i have a cam haha
(7:10:21 PM) weird_name@live.com: do you?
(7:10:46 PM) The: yes but my parents are lovebugs haha they’re always on my case :\
(7:11:52 PM) weird_name@live.com: can’t you see my dp?
(7:11:56 PM) weird_name@live.com: that shows  lot of me 😛
(7:15:17 PM) weird_name@live.com: how about this one? 😛
(7:16:00 PM) The: pleeeese? I’ll do whatever u like 🙂
(7:16:31 PM) weird_name@live.com: would you touch my cock? 😛
(7:17:18 PM) The: uh i dont knw if my parents would let me..
(7:17:28 PM) weird_name@live.com: you don’t ask them fool 😛
(7:21:00 PM) The: alrighty 🙂 do u think i cud possibly, maybe come over sometime ifs not too much of a hassle??
(7:21:02 PM) The: i still didnt get it
(7:21:39 PM) weird_name@live.com: i sleep naked just to warn you 😛
(7:22:24 PM) The: I guess i dnt mind….what wud u do?
(7:22:42 PM) weird_name@live.com: probably wank lol
(7:23:25 PM) The: do you have any video games ?!?
(7:23:40 PM) weird_name@live.com: it’s called my penis 😉
(7:24:28 PM) The: well ok ill hang out for a little bit 🙂 where do i go?!
(7:27:32 PM) The: buddie u there??
(7:27:45 PM) weird_name@live.com: soz wanking

Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/rob.bar.7) crawled:

    Rob Bar
July 8 – July 30 via Quiz Platform
How gay or straight are you?
Dear Facebook User, from the test that has been taken, your result is: Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual..
How gay or straight are you?
Dear Facebook User, from the test that has been taken, your result is: Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual..
4 more
Rob liked Gay Boys 2012.
Rob became friends with Raymond C England.

Earlier in 2012

    Rob Bar likes a link.
May 11
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Gay Boys 2012
Gay teens


    Rob Bar
June 21, 2011
got a free house this sunday in warrington, between liverpool and manchester- inbox me if you’re interested 😉 x x x
Gay8’s BIG Gay UK group
Gay Dating UK
Fit lads In the Uk
Rob Bar
June 10, 2011
College in 4 hours, shouldn’t have left this physics work so late…
Rob Bar
June 10, 2011
Do rather hope fb haven’t blocked me from adding people, pretty shit if they have
Rob Bar became friends with Mg Gay.
June 9, 2011
Mg Gay
Add Friend


    Rob Bar
September 10, 2010
To all those who aren’t sure who I am, fb said to add you- you probably have rep1926@hotmail.co.uk in your msn
Joined Facebook
September 10, 2010




Bert Vermeiren, or, “woop” is a 21 year old from Beerse, Belgium who likes to spend most of his time on Teenchat.com

Bert Vermeiren, or, “woop” had absolutely no physchological principles. We put pressure on him and he broke. We knew he had it in him, it just took him a little bit.

Bert Vermeiren lives in Beerse, Belgium. His address is Vossenbrugstaat 2340, Beerse, Belgium. His Email Address is beja123@hotmail.com.

Local Police Department phone numbers: +32 014 61 10 03, +32 014 61 32 32

# = 0032499 (not complete. won’t disclose)

Chat Log:

(9:06:04 AM) woop: hey
(9:06:07 AM) woop: how are u
(9:06:27 AM) The: 14.
(9:06:29 AM) The: How about you.
(9:06:54 AM) woop: 21
(9:07:00 AM) woop: what are u doing?
(9:07:06 AM) The: I’m bored…
(9:07:10 AM) woop: yeah me 😀
(9:07:18 AM) The: So.
(9:08:50 AM) The: You grease monkey 🙂 send me a picture.
(9:08:59 AM) woop: kk
(9:09:19 AM) The: Alrighty woop, I’ll be in my rocking chair, waiting.
(9:09:26 AM) woop: great 😀
(9:09:37 AM) The: Hurry.
(9:10:11 AM) woop: hold on
(9:10:16 AM) woop: don’t know where i put them
(9:10:33 AM) The: Woop Woop Woop, what type of pictures are these?
(9:10:45 AM) woop: normal ones why? xD
(9:11:00 AM) The: Because they seem pretty well hidden.
(9:11:06 AM) woop: i cleaned up pc a while back
(9:11:24 AM) woop: so possible they got deleted 😀
(9:11:42 AM) The: Better hope they ain’t.
(9:11:48 AM) The: How are you going to make up for it
(9:11:51 AM) The: If you can’t find them?
(9:12:07 AM) woop: lol how can i…
(9:12:28 AM) The: I don’t know woop, that’s on you.
(9:12:29 AM) The: duh.
(9:12:54 AM) woop: i got cam
(9:13:17 AM) The: What’s so special about your little cam and what can it do to brighten this day, woop.
(9:13:34 AM) The: My day’s already broken, woop.
(9:13:57 AM) The: You let me down. Fix it, pretty please?
(9:14:19 AM) woop: wtf?
(9:14:27 AM) The: I’m toying with you woop.
(9:14:30 AM) The: Do what you need.
(9:14:31 AM) The: I’m bored.
(9:14:55 AM) woop: but i can’t put cam on, the icon isn’t showing…
(9:15:17 AM) The: What would you even do on this “cam”, woop?
(9:16:44 AM) woop: just sit there…
(9:16:59 AM) The: Boredom woop.
(9:17:03 AM) The: Boredom.
(9:17:03 AM) woop: something you want me to do on cam?
(9:17:09 AM) The: No.
(9:17:11 AM) The: Like I said
(9:17:14 AM) The: spill your offers
(9:20:14 AM) woop: lol well no picture but cam
(9:20:24 AM) The: Cam…..
(9:20:28 AM) The: would be boring woop.
(9:21:16 AM) woop: send me a pic
(9:22:21 AM) The: I’m bored now.
(9:22:29 AM) woop: me 2
(9:22:35 AM) woop: we agreed to something 😀
(9:24:42 AM) The: What do you want woop.
(9:24:43 AM) The: Spill it.
(9:25:24 AM) woop: well were both bored …
(9:25:46 AM) The: And?
(9:25:58 AM) woop: nvm
(9:26:23 AM) The: Oh woop.
(9:26:26 AM) The: You’re making this hard.
(9:26:28 AM) The: Boy.
(9:31:46 AM) woop: show me a picture
(9:32:11 AM) The: What do you want a picture of woop.
(9:32:13 AM) The: Face
(9:32:15 AM) The: what?
(9:32:26 AM) woop: face + body
(9:32:39 AM) The: clothless?
(9:32:51 AM) woop: your choice 🙂
(9:33:00 AM) woop: i prefer off ofcourse
(9:33:02 AM) The: I’m flattered. YOUR choice, woop.
(9:35:48 AM) woop: ..;
(9:35:55 AM) woop: i’m waiting 😉
(9:37:26 AM) The: It’ll take a sec.
(9:37:28 AM) woop: lol sure
(9:37:34 AM) The: Alrighty. sec.
(9:37:44 AM) woop: i’m from belgium tho
(9:37:57 AM) woop: so i don’t know how you’ll call me? but it will be pricy 😀
(9:37:58 AM) The: I can use iCall.
(9:38:05 AM) woop: aha ok
(9:38:35 AM) woop: ok
(9:45:47 AM) The: I’m almost done Bert.
(9:45:52 AM) The: Just trying…
(9:45:54 AM) The: diff angles.
(9:46:08 AM) woop: ok
(9:47:08 AM) The: a bird in a stone told me that you’re Bert Vermeire
(9:47:10 AM) The: Is this correct?
(9:47:40 AM) woop: yes
(9:48:12 AM) The: Awesome name.
(9:48:14 AM) The: alright hold p
(9:48:17 AM) The: ‘up
(9:49:50 AM) woop: ok
(9:51:45 AM) woop: almost done?
(9:52:26 AM) The: lollol I’m with a friend
(9:52:28 AM) The: we took it in
(9:52:29 AM) The: the tub
(9:52:31 AM) The: is that ok
(9:52:33 AM) woop: ok
(9:54:31 AM) The: http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/peace_love_surf/jujuandnico.jpg
(9:55:11 AM) woop: cute another one?
(9:55:19 AM) woop: without bra and panties
(10:03:32 AM) The: Vossenbrugstaat 2340 Beerse, Belgium
(10:03:35 AM) The: can i ship you my thongs and bras in a chocolate cake?
(10:03:44 AM) woop: sure
(10:03:56 AM) woop: thong
(10:03:58 AM) woop: a wet one
(10:04:01 AM) The: ok hold up

I removed all personal data because I don’t want to get in the way of the investigation.

Here’s a small fraction of his Facebook friend feed:

    Alexander Renard
Alexandra Bogaerts
Alien Jeuris
KHK Geel
Alix Jacqmin
Facultés universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix
Andy Geluykens
Consultant at Uptime Group
Anke Sterckx
Schrijnwerker at Guy Verheyen
Ann Wagemans
Ann-Sophie Cornelis
KHK Geel
Anne Wouters
VTI Spijker Hoogstraten
Anne-Sophie Dedeyne
Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen
Anouchka Avonds
Axelle Moonen
Bart Hillen
Schrijnwerker at Gebroeders verheyen
Bauke Breugelmans
Hivset turnhout
Ben Delogie
Sint jozef instifuut geel
Ben Jespers
Works at Algemene Bouwwerken Gebroeders Van Bavel
Benjamin Craane
KHK Geel
Benny Sprangers
Benson Proost
Works at Health City Turnhout
Bieke Adriaensen
Heilig Graf Turnhout
Bieke Geudens
KHK Turnhout
Bo Mertens
Bram Hermans
Britt Agemans
Caitlin Van Echelpoel
Lessius Mechelen
Caro De Borger
Immaculata Instituut Oost – Malle
Charlotte de Winter
Artesis Hogeschool turnhout
Charlotte Delcourt
Lessius Hogeschool
Chiel Roefs
Daisy Cox
KHK Geel
Daryll Van Gorp
Davy Declercq
Elektricien, koeltechnieker at Bruyndoncx elektriciteit-sanitair-verwarming-airco
Dean van Gorp
Dakwerker at R.D.K
Dennis Boonen
Dennis Raaijmakers
Heilig Graf Turnhout
Desire Vosselaar
Dieter Paenhuysen
Dieter Verheyen
Dorien Proost
Labo-assistent at Vakantiewerk Lavetan
Dorien Voeten
Dylan van Velthoven
Gitok Kalmthout
Elien Lambrechts
Sint-aloysius intstituut Lier
Elien Vancampfort
Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
Eline van Looveren
Works at Armonea
Eline Verheyen
Works at Fred and Ginger
Elvis Daems
Lille, Belgium
Emily Early
Kardinaal Van Roey Instituut Vorselaar
Evelien Bols
Evelien Verdonck
Evi De Jaegher
Works at Stella Matutina Wuustwezel
Femke Peeters
Fik Segers
Vito hoogstraten
Fons Proost
Geert Wouters
Opvoeder/begeleider at Widar
Glenn De Cnodder
Schrijnwerker plaatser at Groep Goris
Glenn Lambrechts
Kraan machinist/chauffeur at Kubrechts Lier
Glenn van den Heuvel
Works at Siegers Technics
Hanna Bouman
Antoon Schellens college

    Yentl Donckers
Ivar Voets
Seppe Hermans
Kelly Cnaepkens
Thomas Van den Heuvel
Eline van Looveren

    Maarten Bleys
Jeroen Vermeiren
Benson Proost
Sofie Van den Heuvel
Yanou Van de Heyning
Bieke Adriaensen

    Daisy Cox
Joyce van der Becken
Paul Rubens
Jonas Stoop
Fik Segers
Bram Hermans

    Kevin Ramsdonck
Mathias Mostmans
Dorien Proost
Charlotte de Winter
Geert Wouters
Anouchka Avonds

    Julie Verhaert
Ben Jespers
Wesley Potters
Koen Deckx
Anne-Sophie Dedeyne
Ben Delogie

    Jeroen van Hoof
Kenneth Groot Polleke Roelandts
Nele Tegenbos
Dennis Boonen
Joeri Roefs
Natasja Van der Jonckheyd

    Anke Sterckx
Bieke Geudens
Jeroen Allaerts
Michiel Vermeiren
Karen Raeymaekers
Jordi Nicolai

    Stijn Coenen
Glenn Lambrechts
Marijke Van Nyen
Elvis Daems
Alexander Renard
Emily Early

    Daryll Van Gorp
Femke Peeters
Glenn van den Heuvel
Dean van Gorp
Evi De Jaegher
Jeugdhuis Zigzag

    Jannes Dockx
Nick Govers
Davy Declercq
Nathalie Vandeputte
Ilse Van Hal
Charlotte Delcourt

    Hanne Paulussen
Ides Hapers
Ignace Van Besauw
Ilse Van Hal
Inne Thys
Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
Isabelle Sledsens
Ivar Voets
Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
Jannes Dockx
Kraanmachinist at Wim bax
Jason Oostvogels
Jasper Sommen
Schrijnwerker at Hermay
Jef Wuyts
Jelle Jespers
Vito hoogstraten
Jenny Aerts
Jens Antoine
Jens Marinus
Jep Raaijmakers
Machine Operator at Wienerberger
Jeroen Adams
Vito hoogstraten
Jeroen Allaerts
KHK Geel
Jeroen van Hoof
Weelde, Antwerpen, Belgium
Jeroen Verheyen
Vti lier
Jeroen Vermeiren
VTI Spijker
Jerry Michielsen
Jesse Sommen
Jeugdhuis Zigzag
Wij zijn een universiteit! University of parties!
Jill Kuznierek
Joeri Roefs
Beerse, Belgium
Jonas Stoop
Works at Tom&co
Jordi Nicolai
Works at RENO-ART
Jorgos Gilis
Karel de Grote-Hogeschool
Joyce Van Den Ouweland
Heilig Graf Turnhout
Joyce van der Becken
Siso 2
Judith Verstraelen
Weelde, Antwerpen, Belgium
Julie Verhaert
Beerse, Belgium
Karen Raeymaekers

Keep in mind that most of these sick fucks actually fake their age.

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